About Us

In it's first year of existence, Kids2Kids worked with only 21 high school students from a single high school, and it donated $3,000.00 to the Florida Elks Youth Camp for child burn victims.

Over the next five years, Kids2Kids grew to work with over 100 students from 5 different high schools in South Florida, donating in total over $30,000 to the Ventilation Assisted Children's Center (VACC Camp). 

Starting in 2018, Kids2Kids will donate its proceeds to fulfill a specific need or cause for a single child, directly impacting the life of a child every year. 

The success of Kids2Kids is demonstrated not just from the money donated, but from the change in its volunteers. The mother of a former Cast Member who had been in juvenile told us that "we saved [her] son's life." A high school baseball star told us and his father that performing and handing over the check “felt better than hitting a grand slam.” The effects of Kids2Kids are incomparable.