About Us

Kids2Kids, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt nonprofit corporation through which high school students raise money for children in need. The organization was first started in 2004 in Miami, Florida, where it became highly successful over the following six years. During that time, Kids2Kids donated over $50,000 with the help of over 100 students from five different high schools. 

The organization was originally founded by a stay at home mom with her high school aged daughter and niece to help them fulfill their community service hours and appeal to colleges. But, it grew to be so much more than that. (Read about Our Successes below.) Her daughters reformed the organization in 2016 in Orlando, Florida with hopes to expand beyond the Central Florida area in the coming years.

In additiona to other fundraisers, Kids2Kids puts on an annual Broadway style-show. There is no minimum talent level required—all are welcome, and all will have fun and be featured in the show! To learn more about our shows, click here: